Tatyana Alexandrova ~ Exceptional

When I saw this doll's outfit, I wanted it. I did not like any previous Tatyana release so I thought I'd be selling her head. Well, she is staying. The only thing I want to change is the dark lines which were painted between the outer edges of her lips. It just doesn't belong there and does not help the doll or make sense at all.

I Photoshopped the lips and I am quite pleased with the difference.

Here she meets the Rudettes:

The handbag she is carrying below is a Purse of the Month item from a while back. When I saw the handbag that came with in her box, I thought that the gal from whom I purchased the doll had enclosed a gift for me. I did not think the purse came with Tatyana because it did not make sense color wise. But then I looked at the promotional photo and from the side, it's the same bag. It's no wonder the promo doesn't show the face of the bag.

I absolutely love the dress and the fabric. The design is embroidered onto the fabric. The shoes are great and the hat is cool. She comes with a wonderful ring and earrings with a pumpkin color stones. The factory actually came very close to good bangs on this doll.


  1. She is so lovely, Terri! I do like your idea about the lips. Such a gorgeous outfit!

    I think that is so adorable about the Rudettes! Lol...so cute!

    I am still on the fence about selling my Dasha..I wish I could tell if I would like this new FR2 body without having to destroy the NRFB status for selling.


  2. Lovely job as always. Somehow you always bring out the best in these girls.
    For aquabluerose:With these FR ladies I do not think that the NRFB is that big of an issue if you are dealing with a reputable dealer. I have bought several that way and for the "most part" have not been disappointed. The posibility{is that a word?}is one of the best attributes of this line and it usually is not compromised by being deboxed.

  3. I wish this dress was in any other color, as stunning as it is its just to Halloweenie

  4. Christina Walewska11/7/11, 4:25 PM

    She reminds me of the photos of my beautiful grandmother I saw when I was little.

  5. Beautiful photos and I love that dress. It looks gorgeous and awesome. Big thanks and keep sharing.