You should have bought her...

With all the hullabaloo going on about the tattoos on the new Tokidoki doll, she is sold out pretty much everywhere. What a riot! The funniest part of it is, if you look on eBay at the completed listings, you will find that one sold today for $274.99. Another twenty-one dolls sold for $200. or more since yesterday and scores of others sold for more than $100. The retail price of Tokidoki was $50. I got mine for $30.  Who knew?  I do not plan to sell mine but if I had purchased more than one you'd better believe she'd be on eBay right now.


  1. Ellen's show today probably helped fan the fires. She didn't like the doll and neither did the audience. Then she did a skit on Barbie dolls that were possible proto-types: "Ken & Barbie Plus 8", "Home Wrecker Barbie"

    I like the Tokidoki doll.. I wish she was articulated. :D

  2. I wanted the Toki Doki doll, but I was going to wait for her, looks like she's sold out now because of all the hype. And there was another auction were she sold for $380! C'mom peolple. Hopefully in a few months the craze will die and more will be relisted for reasonable amounts.

  3. The Barbie Collector site said there would be more in November. I'm sorry I missed out on her too!

  4. Hopefully there will be more. I want her badly now. ;)

  5. These feeding frenzies are fun to watch.
    It's like tulipmania, you just wonder how long before the bubble bursts.
    Will C.

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