Halloween Themed Dolls

Halloween is a favorite celebration among doll collectors. We are lovers of fantasy and dressing up where it concerns our dolls and that's what Halloween is all about. Let's not forget the candy aspect! Back in the dark ages when I was a child Halloween was about pumpkin carving and trick or treating. It now rivals Christmas where it concerns retail stores' merchandise. You can light the exterior of your home with themed electronic goods. Frankenstein et al can stalk your property which might be transformed into a cemetary. A visitor to your door might be greeted by howls and all sorts of horrible sounds which they activated just by being there.
The most gruesome animated scene I came upon was half a human body being eaten by rats. Then there are the dead babies on swings you can hang on your porch. Fun?

For those of us who do not wish to go that far...we can surround ourselves with theme dolls and there are many out there. Prices vary widely for Madame Alexander dolls. As always, I recommend shopping and comparing thoroughly before plunking down your cash! Check the tax and shipping as well because that can make a big difference.

Madame Alexander makes my favorite 10" Cissettes in a variety of costumes. There are prior year dolls which you can hunt down. These are currently available. 

The Wicked Witch of the West
Halloween Dorothy and Toto
Pumpkin Spice


Wicked Witch of East
Although not intended to be Halloween doll, these 21" Cissys are scary-looking enough to hold their own in a themed display.
A Beautiful Nightmare

A Dark Dream
For the Barbie crowd:
Halloween Party
Halloween Haunt
There are so many more that I can't begin to picture them here. Do a search on Google for "Dolls for Halloween" and see what comes up. 

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