Why do brothers always ruin Barbie dolls?

Do you watch Dexter? If so you will understand the title of this blog post and the graphic on the t-shirt. If not, I will just say that a Barbie doll - or parts of one - were left for Dexter as clues by a killer who wanted to be found. Did anyone ever deny that Barbie was versatile? Hehehe.

Anyway, I want this t-shirt that the Showtime website is selling. I'll take a L in black.


  1. It's actually an IT Doll, Janay , they just called it a Barbie

  2. @Anonymous: Janay is a black doll but a similar Caucasian IT body was used at first. Then they used a Barbie body in the last episodes in which a doll showed up. Apparently more than one doll body was used which would make perfect sense to me.
    I wish people would sign their comments!

  3. Love it! I wish it was 1:6 scale.