Halloween Convention - Some Centerpieces and Companion Dolls

The internet connection at this hotel is really bad. I tried to upload pics to Prego and kept losing them.
Hopefully this will work.  There are more but I'm getting very frustrated waiting.


These are from the Saturday brunch. The centerpiece is seen in the last three images. It is Cinderella. I think. Robert did a crazy reimagined Cinderella story in which they all turned out to be zombies and she became the queen of the zombies and cut off the heads of her step mother and step sisters. Although she didn't live happily ever after, she got revenge. Oy.




  1. A huge thank you to you for posting these wonderful pictures. I have been following the convention on the Tonner website and am enjoying it. But it is great to see such great individual pictures of each doll. My favorites so far are Evangeline, Cinderella and maybe Alice. Would love to know what your favorites are.

  2. Thanks for the pix Terri!
    I love all of them! Pix and dolls...there is only one I could do without - Evangeline...and those bug eyes...ugh. LOL
    I love her fashion but the eyes 'bug' me! hee hee! ;)

    Otherwise I love the way all the dolls and centerpieces turned out...even the Cinder-horror story! That was fun! ;)

    Thanks again for everything! ;)