Brilliance Monogram Doll Pictures

As I photographed her, I began to like her more although this is one Monogram doll who will have her outfit changed along with the wig. She has great potential. I find her to be beautiful but conservative.

The wig fits very well. It's the same style as the recent Avantguard dolls...center part gathered at the nape of the neck.
There are annoying issues with the outfit. The shoes are way too long which is a shame because I love the style. Is this going to be the problem of the year? The skirt is just the right length and the jacket fits properly. In couture dressmaking, lining up stripes and patterns across a seam or jacket front is a sign of fine workmanship. It would have been nearly impossible to do this on a doll fashion that wasn't completely hand made. In addition, the white machine top-stitching on the black fabric of the jacket is out of scale. Sewing machines can make shorter stitches.
I'm not sure how to put the hat on and I didn't want to mess up the wig so I didn't even try.

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