BLACK CANARY™: Blonde Bombshell

This doll needs to live here! I could just drive over to the Tonner Company Store and get her but I am so accustomed to getting Tonner dolls at a discount from dealers, that I have resisted since she came out.
The retail (that's the only way to get her) price of each doll is $159. plus tax (I live in the tax kingdom of New York). She would cost me about $172.50. They are all limited to 200. Do I wait for a sale? Maybe I'll just go over there and pet her.

The entire line of Women of Power is so appealing. The idea that these gorgeous looking, beautifully dressed women have super powers intrigues me.

The five "fashion inspired super heroines" are from top left in the following order Diana of Themiscira (Wonder Woman), Kara of Krypton (Supergirl) aka The Girl of Steel and cousin to Kal-El, Black Canary (The Blonde Bombshell) aka Dinah Lance, Mera, Queen of Atlantis who is married to Oris (aka Aquaman), and Poison Ivy: Sealed with a Kiss.

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  1. I'm not a Tonner collector, so I had no idea this line of dolls was out! I grew up on the girly comics & this line is beautiful! Love the variation outfits rather than their superhero costumes!