Barbie Basics - Collection #001

This is a very attractive, clever and fun-looking collection! Barbie Basics Collection #001 consists of twelve different dolls dressed in a different little black dresses. Each doll's description includes the name of the sculpt that the doll has such: Mackie, Lara, Steffie, Goddess, Kayla/Lea, Carnaval, Aphrodite, Mbili, Diva, Deidre, Teresa and Tango. The prices are right at $19.95 each. The entire set of twelve dolls would cost $239.40. There's lots of play possibility here unless the dresses are sewn on and I wouldn't put it past Mattel to do that.

There are four accessory packs, called "Looks," which contain scarves, purses, shoes, jewelry, and props. These are priced at $14.95. I would have to have one of each which would add up to $59.80.

If you are going to buy the entire kit and kaboodle, be prepared for a total of $299.20 and don't kid yourself that you will only open one a month. LOL
I'd have to rip those puppies out of their boxes in one shot, get them all set up and start playing. I can see it now. Announcing the "Little Black Dress Fashion Show." Get your runways up, ladies.

Go to the Barbie Collector site:
to see larger images of the dolls and accessories.

The collection is designed by Bill Greening and is going to be available on December 7, 2009. You know you want it.


  1. oooh my favourite dresses are the ones worn by Carnaval and Tango :)

  2. Thanks for showcasing these dolls, Terri! I am so excited about this collection. I love how Mattel is taking Barbie back to her original career as fashion model, as she begins the next 50 years of her life.

  3. I just hope the faces are as good as these! Mattel tends to simplify the facial screening on the actual dolls.

    I do like these!

    Fran in NYC

  4. It's a neat idea, and I'm glad Mattel is trying new ways to excite Barbie lovers.

  5. cool im getting the 1st one Mackie tomorrow and they do look the way they do on the pictures trust me i looked at them and they are gorgeous!!

  6. These are fascinating dolls and totally gorgeous. Were they inspired by the popular Sex and the City poster? Both have the little black dress and lots of hair theme. Really want them all.

  7. @Anonymous who posted on 11/14
    These dolls have been out for quite a while. You may still find some at Target or Walmart.