Fashion Doll Agency ~ Marcella 'Double Mousseline'

Just when I thought I was safe from the temptations of other 16" dolls, I succumbed to the Fashion Doll Agency line. When I saw their first offering Kaori, in Haute Doll, I thought she looked like the insect known as a walking stick.Her face seemed amateurish and cartoony and she was just awful. I had heard that she was so thin that no clothes made for other 16" dolls would fit her. But after seeing pictures of their latest doll, Marcella 'Double Mousseline', I took the bait. The price was right for a super articulated doll at $299 with free shipping from France.Mousseline is any sauce to which whipped cream or beaten egg whites have been added just prior to serving to give it a light, airy consistency. She is wearing two mousseline tops. Perhaps the word is also French for a light, airy silk fabric. What you can't see in their photograph are the colors with which her face is screened. Compared to the original Kaori who looks colorless, this gal is adorable.
Fashion Doll Agency (FDA) offers a small number of separate outfits for purchase. The one outfit I admired is sold out on their website but I was able to buy it at below cost from another collector.There are two other fashion I would love to have.
The first is called Jeans Fourrure (fur) and the second is called Laine (wool) & Lezard (lizard). I like the natural materials used in their fashions. In Haute Doll, Ernesto Padro-Campos shows photographs (fabulous, of course) of Manon wearing some of Agnes and Victor Dreary's clothing! Ernesto even has her wearing Barbie's Todd Oldham leopard coat. This is a good thing to know. I will try all sorts of smaller clothing on my gal.
I have already received notice that my doll shipped today and I just paid for her yesterday! That's what I call service.

The FDA website.

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