Integrity to Compete in the Supernatural Themed Doll Market

Along with Ashton-Drake, Integrity Toys is working on a project to produce characters in 1/6 scale from the Dark Hunters' series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have to admit that I never even heard of this series until I read the announcement. With my tail between my legs I slunk off to Wikipedia and Amazon to look. Apparently Ms. Kenyon is a book writing machine, pumping out book after book filled with stories of paranormal romance. Since her first book, Fantasy Lover, which was published in 2002, seventeen (!!!) more books in that series have been published. In addition there have been thirteen short stories and novelettes published in the same period. I wonder if that's a record.

It's fairly widely known that Ashton-Drake quality control is far from reliable. If Delilah Noir is any indication of future quality then this new project may be doomed from the get-go. In any event, it won't be boring.

There are two more Integrity projects in the works with Ashton-Drake as well. One is Disney related and the other is vampire related. Both will be under a new Couture Fantasy label. I cannot wait to see this.
I just hope that the convention does not become about dolls other than Fashion Royalty. It's already happening with the introduction of Poppy Parker as a table centerpiece. It's not new as Dynamite Girls and Hollywood Royalty were also introduced as centerpieces. But if it's a Wu convention, I want WU not WHO.

Next they'll be collaborating with Mattel.

Just kidding, people. Don't spread any rumors.


  1. Note, I am NOT spreading rumors, but slide 7/11 of this slideshow shows one of the Louboutin Barbies with a male fashion doll who looks incredibly like one of the Fashion Royalty guys (Pierre or Francisco).

  2. D7ana...OMG you're right. That's a riot.