No Exaggeration AvantGuard Doll

This Avantguard doll is eye candy. The face screening is gorgeous and she looks beautiful in her fashion. No Exaggeration is all about color and style; now we need to add some engineering.

The biggest difficulty with this doll and all the Avantguards is the wobbly joints. Even with the stand at an optimal height and careful placement, her ankles or her hips kept bending causing the doll to lose balance. I like the dolls but the quality of the body is very poor.  I don't want to play with something that is frustrating. Their hips sway. If I just wanted to pose the doll in a runway stance, it would take forever to get her to stay that way.
We can hope this gets fixed or I am done with Avantguard.
The feathers on her hat (?) fall off easily but the strangest thing is that it comes with two hat pins. The base of the hat is hard felt and you practically need a drill to get the pin through to secure it to her hair.
Putting the wig on takes experience but it can be done. I will change the wig soon because I think she needs something bigger to balance the shape of the pants.

Retail price of No Exaggeration is $220. and she is available from Integrity dealers who carry the AGs.

1 comment:

  1. this doll has a gorgeous face, I think she is prettier than the new AG16 dolls that were released in 2011.

    Her features sort of remind me of Angelina Jolie the actress; I'm surprised no creative doll painter hasn't redone her kind of colorful makeup over to resemble her.