Tyler's 10th Anniversary Dolls For Sale at Tonner Direct

For those of you with a few hundred to spare right before the Holiday Season, the remaining Anniversary dolls have gone on sale at Tonner Direct.
First up is the beautiful "It was a Very Good Decade." LE 150. Priced at $295. She would certainly add sparkle to any collection. I have heard that the sequin fabric is the same that Robert used in his human clothing line. These were the centerpiece dolls.
"A Perfect Ten" LE 200 is being offered for $195. She's worth it. You saw my photos of my event doll. Here is Tonner's photo:The surprise return of Mei Li in the form of an Ultra Basic doll was very well received. According to the site, there is only a limited amount remaining right now. More will be received early in December. They are priced at $59.95. She comes packaged in a clear plastic box dressed only in the white body suit. No shoes or stand are included.
Images in this post are the property of Tonner Doll Company.

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