Random Pictures and Kissing Frogs

Geometry. After all these years I can finally say I love geometry. I hated it along with algebra in high school.
Two of my strobes have to be replaced. With age the color temperature of the flash has changed dramatically. I have to adjust the color balance on almost all of my images. It's not my monitor - I'm sure. There is also some function in my complicated camera that I can adjust. I don't like complicated.

I took a few of my older Tonner gals and fashions out of storage to do a red-themed group picture. It did not work out at all. The problem may have been the background which I was too lazy to change. There's that lazy word again. Out of more than 70 shots of 5 dolls, this is the only interesting composition.
It's part of a larger photo that I didn't like. *(You have to kiss a lot of frogs.)  

It would make an interesting greeting card.

Most Wanted Elise, one of the 2011 Wu Convention collection dolls, finally got some time in front of the camera.

This doll has the complexion of a corpse but I am very fond of her sculpt. We need to see Elise with a different hair color. I found it odd that so many did not care for her gown. While I'm not a fan of the double bows, I think the gown is gorgeous. The construction is excellent. The fabric is lovely and it works on this doll. I am pleased to have added her to my collection. She is one of only two dolls from the 32 or so available at the convention that I have kept. The other was the FR2 Tatyana.




  1. Hey Teri, I've never met you in person--but I've seen your profile at the bottom of your blog. Please take this as extreme flattery-- Geometry could be your daughter! She looks just like you! You should take a snapshot of you two together! Thanks for your blog! It is always one of my surfing stops!

  2. @Don: That is quite a compliment. Thank you very much.