Not Made in China!

Take A Look Inside New York's Iconic Madame Alexander Doll Factory by Robert Johnson

Altagracia Villa, seamstress, at Madame Alexander's 
I thought they had ended the tours but it seems they're still going on. I am aching to go visit! A real factory in New York City that still operates is unusual. Check out this article which has lots of good pictures. Click on the picture below.
And while we're talking about Madame Alexander, I thought I'd show you a few Jason Wu styled items that are on sale directly from the Madame Alexander website. As always, do your research before making a purchase because prices can vary widely and you may find less expensive options on eBay and on dealers' sites.
Bon Bon by Jason Wu - Neo Cissy 16 Inch Doll LE200. Originally $159.95 now $79.95.
Lust by Jason Wu - Cissy 21 Inch Doll LE 200. Originally $349.95 now $174.95
Going Platinum Paris 16 Inch Doll Styled by Jason Wu. Originally $149.95 now $99.95


  1. Paradise Blue8/3/11, 5:40 PM

    .. there's that Bon Bon.. :/

    She is haunting me.

  2. @Paradise Blue: Good haunting or bad. ;-O

  3. I love Bon Bon and am tempted! Her skin tone is wonderful and the dress is darling, but it is the Twilight Zone hat that has captured my attention! LauraLA