Paranormal Misaki

Kill me now. I've started up with the Misakis again. I thought I kicked the habit a few years ago when I sold my entire collection. Sigh. I tell myself it's OK because I'm not pre-ordering and paying retail. I'm hunting for bargains and finding them. (It's a sickness.)

I removed Paranormal's hat because it hides her lovely hair. She is so pretty.

Since purchasing Red Rabbit Misaki, seen below in Go Home's outfit,  Paranormal Misaki, Pure Evil Misaki, Ye-Ye Amelie and Royal Amelie have joined the tribe.

Misaki dolls' feet are larger than Nu-Face/Fashion Royalty feet. I didn't want to force the red boots onto her. The shoes are a Volks' product.

Yes, these are point and shoot photos. My bad.


  1. She is so pretty...I don't blame you, Terri. I never wanted to get started on Misaki but I saw several I loved.


  2. I suffer from the same sickness! Said I would not start collecting any new dolls and well....you know! lol Just got both these dolls and am waiting for my Ranya....love your pics!

  3. Maybe there's a pill to take for this disease?

  4. I haven't purchased a Misaki for a while, not because I've stopped collecting them, but because they seem to be recycling the same looks over & over. Why can't Integrity (I know, Integrity has nothing to do with Misaki, it's all FRNippon, what crap) show a little originality? When was the last time there was a short haired Misaki? How about a dark haired, dark skinned (but not the normal tan skin they use, that's waaay too dark) Misaki or a dark skinned redhead Misaki? Something that isn't a side ponytail, or long hair, or goth, just something new.

  5. LOL, I'm along the same thinking Terri - I won't be paying more than $100 for any more of these girls! I won't!

  6. Famous last words of doll junkies.

  7. Paradise Blue8/6/11, 12:48 AM

    I love all Misakis.

    Terri did Paranormal have teeth (in prototype pics it appeared that she did, and it always topped my from buying her.)

    Lovely photos.

  8. @James: Her lips are parted and show white. So I guess they're teeth but I like it. She's no Kesenia, thank goodness.

  9. :) Misaki it's beautiful girl

  10. Paradise Blue8/6/11, 9:52 PM

    Funny one Terri.. Thanks for the info!


  11. Misakis are adorable.. I do love them, but somehow my preferences always end up relying on the regular FR line dolls... I used to have 7 Misakis, now I only have 2. I would have 3 if I would find a nude Get Graphic for those $100 Shuga was talking about *lol*