Clearance Sale at Two Daydreamers

I wanted to follow up the last blog post because I started hunting MA dolls on sale and I found a bevy of them at  better prices at Two Daydreamers. Going Platinum Paris, mentioned in the last post sells at $79.95 here as do all the other Jason Wu designed 16" Alex line dolls. She also has Tonner Dolls and a selection from other manufacturers - not all on sale but why not browse anyway. What else do you have to do besides look at dolls?

Madame Alexander "Envy Cissy" - LE 200 $149.95 (This is a killer price for Cissy.)
The 10th Doctor aka Doctor Who $107.99


  1. Paradise Blue8/3/11, 5:37 PM

    These are really great prices! On the subject of Sales.. MA is having a sale. I wrote to them to ask what would the shipping costs be to Canada for the "Bon Bon" 16" Cissy doll. (I have needed that one forever. Having a doll with a glove-hat would suit me just fine! .. and the price is only $79.99)

    After waiting a week for a reply, they wrote and told me that they "don't ship internationally, and I should contact a dealer."

    I wrote them back again and reminded them that the doll was actually a Web Exclusive, Exclusive to their own site, so writing to a dealer would work not out.

    They then wrote back again and said sorry.. "maybe a dealer could get it for you.."

    Who knew spending money could be so hard.. oh well.

    Always love reading your Blog, Ms. G.
    I'm off to look at Two Daydreamers' site. :D

  2. @Paradise Blue: What a run-around they gave you. Sheesh. If you ever need a shipping buddy, just give me a shout. I would love to visit their factory and pick up the dolls while I'm there. Sigh. That's another thing I don't think will happen soon. But it's nice to imagine it. I wonder how much shipping would be to me. I'm going to find out.

  3. That Bon-Bon is delicious... But I know better by now. I do. ^_^

  4. @Ana...famous last words of a doll addict.