The Show & Sell Site Re-Opens

Thanks to Rae, Linda Malarkey and her husband Steve at the Doll Page, the new Show and Sell site is up and running. Several weeks ago the program crashed and burned with everyone's posts lost in cyberspace. They launched a new program and now there are many sales posts. They do this completely on their own and don't ask anyone for anything! I've done several transactions with Rae and she is just delightful to deal with.
There are so many wonderful people in the doll world that when a thief comes along and steals either dolls or money from collectors it's disheartening. Getting scammed by one of these pieces of shit can happen to pretty much anyone who is not vigilant about their shopping and selling practices.
They change names and addresses and use actual collectors' names to make themselves look respectable.
Be careful.
My sale posts: http://www.thedollpage.com/ads/searchresults.php?owner=46


  1. Hi Terri! :-)

    I believe her husband is Steve. And I love your reviews, please keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks, MJ. I will correct the post.