Dark Shadows Ellowyne

Another collector sat in at the Tonner Convention Ellowyne break out event for me. I was thrilled when I saw the souvenir doll.

I turned under the ends of the black bow so the beautiful details on the front of her tunic could be seen. The braids in her hair which you can see in the first photo were added by me. I may make a few really tiny ones. I think it's unusual for a convention souvenir doll to be without earrings and I wonder if they just never made it into my box. The rhinestone studs were put in by me until I find out if she's got her own.


  1. She is adorable!!! I love her soft little face.

  2. she's the best ellowyne for some time. i also love the new evangeline ghastly- Imaginary Life -so beautiful, what do you think of her Terri?

  3. @Monicas: I was almost ready to order Imaginary Life. She's stunning and different from all the other EGs. But I have a big issue with the EG body. It's so hard to pose. I wish for a changed body - soon. I need to start a campaign to change EGs vinyl body.
    Thanks for your comments.

  4. wow... It is a wonderfull doll... and the detail photo is amazing, how beautifull!