Tonner Doll Convention and Superstar Laura Domholt

Another successful Tonner convention has ended and I've heard about frenzied buying, gorgeous centerpieces, insane resale prices (what else is new?) and so much more. Many mentioned missing Tom Courtney's pictures and the flavor he added to the events in the past. It's true that there was a noticeable lack of photo coverage and we had to desperately scrounge for pictures or suffer waiting.

I think I will send Robert an email offering my photographic and video services at all future events and the only recompense I will ask for is attendance at the event, a seat at a table and a room at the inn.  That's fair, isn't it?

My new favorite person is Laura Domholt. The first time I ever saw her was at a Tonner Store event. She was dressed as Wonder Woman. Laura is tall and she really carried it off so well. Since then, she's appeared in many costumes and in every one of them, she reigned supreme dressed as a Tonner doll. She is a living doll and I want to petition for a Laura Domholt calendar.

Here are few more pictures of dolls from the event.

Robert - Superhero

There were many other dolls but the photos of them belong to the doll owners. If Tonner releases promotional photos of the others, I will post them.


Apologies to my readers for my absence. I've been ill for several days with severe upper respiratory combination of symptoms.  Doctor found no strep so I don't have to take antibiotics. Yay. Just have to give it time and rest. What's that?

I am about to do a big photo shoot as I received my new Ellowyne and some other goodies. Soooo...look for a pretty post later.

I want to mention that the person in charge of blogging over at Tonner Direct thanked me for the shout-outs I've given to the company over the years on my blog. She (he?) said it does not go unnoticed. That made me feel really good. I'm thinking of compiling a page of comments and email I've received from manufacturers since beginning my blog. The main reason is that I want my readers to see an email (from someone who works for one of the manufacturers) that I've kept to myself for a little more than one year. I have to give it some more thought though because it's pretty bad. There's always more than one side to a story.


  1. Hope you will be feeling better soon, Dear Lady!
    (And don't let the bastards get you down!)

  2. hope you get well soon! sorry you're sick.

    can't wait to see what you post (for emails/comments).

    great pics you have up today!!! (= (not just on this post)