I need this doll!

I was not fast enough to get one of the Daphne dolls left from the convention so I'm putting out a feeler...

This is the gal I'm looking for - or at least her outfit.

16" Wilhemina Wonka
She is based on a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory called Wilhemina.


  1. Terri - There isn't a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory called Wilhemina. I think they took the Willy Wonka character and turned it into a woman. She's even dressed similar to Mr. Wonka, including top hat, hair style, and color of jacket. Eric

  2. @Eric: I was wondering about that, too. It's all a big fantasy and Robert's got 'em.

  3. Yep- Willie Wonka became Wilhelmina Wonka via "Reimagination"!!! Great job on this one. Love both the doll and outfit. And the fact it's the Daphne sculpt- big bonus here!!!!

  4. Wonderfull!!! I hope you're able to find one Terri =)