Wilde Imagination's New Offerings

I swear it's enough to drive a doll collector mad. Several new Ellowyne and Evangeline items were released last week.

I am so in love with this Evangeline but I will not buy another EG until they fix her body issues.  I hope someone over at the TDC reads this and takes it seriously because I'm on a campaign to get that body reworked. PLEASE DO SOMETHING to make Evangeline more user friendly. She's stiff and awkward and for a doll whose price is $175. we should get a doll that poses nicely and can sit up straight. Doncha think?

 She is called Imaginary Life. LE350 Her price is $175. She's vinyl with inset teal eyes and applied lashes. I want her so badly.  I  love that she's not wearing black, gray or red. She is so beautiful. I don't think I would even redress her. 
This is Dark Desire. $175. Vinyl. Inset green eyes. Rooted black hair with white stripes. She is cool but reminds me of so many of prior EGs.

The newest EG fashion is called Gothic Romance. It's priced at a painful $110. and doesn't come with shoes. The shoes, Plum Paces, would go well with this fashion. Of course it's gorgeous but it's not a must have. Will fit resin and vinyl bodies. LE300. Ships after June 10th. 
Some EG fashions are so fabric rich one could make two outfits from them.  The fabrics used are gorgeous and I haven't found a single problem with any fashion item I've purchased. 

"FREE Shipping on any order of $75 or More! Free shipping within Continental U.S. only. International customers use Promo Code SMILE14INT at checkout to receive $9.95 OFF any order of $75 or more. This promotion ends June 4th at midnight ~ so don't wait!"

The newest Ellowyne is called Going in Circles. Rooted brown hair and painted green eyes. The outfit is cute. She retails for $149. and is an LE of 1000. She comes with a stand.

There are some other new dolls and fashions. See the WI site for those. You can download a digital catalog and see really big images. Nice!

Ellowyne has a new shoe collection. If you want to buy them separately, that's an option, too. As a collection the price is $128.


  1. would you happen to know if the resins sit better than the vinyls?

    also, i have heard of someone (ebay?) that shaves the legs or leg openings down or something on the EGs so that they can sit properly, if that's an option for you. i am unsure if she works in both resin & vinyl.... sorry, maybe not much help.

    i still don't own one yet. must... resist..... so hard........

    thanks for posting the lovely pics from WI; love the close up.

  2. Hi to all...
    I am new to collecting Evangeline and I love them! However, I have had four dolls now with broken ankles. Is is just me??? When I call TDC they tell me that they have never heard of this happening to anyone else. Really?? The card that she lays on in her box has several prepunctured holes to secure her torso, head, arms and feet. They are never all used and those ties don't always hold. I even had a doll straight from Wilde Immagination come to me broken in HALF because she was not secured AT THE FACTORY to her box. This is a problem, having to return every other doll. Please, if you have had any of these problem, write about it and call the TDC. They have to make changes at the factory. This doll and her accessories are too expensive for this sloppiness. Oh and BTW, I order the armoire and it was broken, too. :(((