Ways to Spend your Money

Every now and then (more now than then) I come across an enticing item that I'd buy if it weren't for the fact that I either have it already, have too many of them already, shouldn't buy anymore and .....you know.
I hate to see a good item go unpurchased so I will present it on the blog.

I need a good title for this feature - suggestions welcome.

Anyway...on the Show and Sell Site someone is selling 5 Fashion royalty bodies for $50 shipped. They are various colors. One looks like a tall body the others are straight arm bodies. These would make great mannequins and/or diorama items. Or you can take them apart and make strange jewelry with them. Bend them over and use for a table base...oh the things I can think of.

Seller's Photo
Click here: The link to the sale.

I do not know the seller although I may have done business with her in the past as I've done business with pretty much everyone it seems.

If you do buy them, tell her Terri sent you.

Of course, while you're there, take a look at the stuff I have for sale.

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  1. Sydney Collier5/26/11, 6:05 PM

    I don't think very many people want the straight armed bodies. So instead of having plastic doll bodies piling up at the Goodwill and then in landfills for centuries, how about being able to change out the arms ! What a concept. Hello Tonner!