Rush of Rose Gold™ Barbie® Doll

On 6/13/12 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, a new Platinum Label doll will go on sale at BC.Com. This is for Barbie Fan Club members only. She is called Rush of Rose Gold and here is the description from the website:

Striking and sophisticated, Rush of Rose Gold Barbie doll is stunning in an asymmetrical dress of glamorous golden lamé. A single dolman sleeve makes a bold statement, while the wrap skirt falls just above her knees, adding to the modern silhouette. The black vinyl belt, hose and boots offer elegant contrast, while rose-golden accessories add the final stylish touch.
Created by Robert Best exclusively for members of the 2012 Barbie Fan Club.

The retail price is $85. Can you believe it? A non-articulated doll with dorky black plastic boots for $85.? I'm sure she will sell out fast. LOL. It seems that the sky is the limit with Platinum Label dolls because they are so limited. At least it could have been a Silkstone or on an articulated body. 

Seriously? I have thrown away better looking boots.

I have to give Mattel credit for knowing how to do an open mouth so it doesn't look like the doll has a snaggle tooth. I can guarantee that the top of her hair will be messed up. It already looks shaggy and frizzy in the promo.


  1. Agreed. I wish the fan club dolls were really, truly special. {big sigh}

  2. $85 for a cheap gold unlined dress, the same cheap plastic boots that come on playline dolls, and a stiff body. LOL. Sounds like a winner.