Tatyana Alexandrova Nouveau Regime FR2

The new FR2 Tatyana arrived today. She photographs beautifully.

Her dress and purse are lovely and well made. The jewelry consists of earrings, bracelet and ring.

Her shoes are a total nightmare. It took me nearly 45 minutes to get them on properly and buckled. I only opened up the top two buckles. The buckle opening is barely large enough to get the strap through and the strap is fragile so you have to be very careful not to pull hard or it will break.
On top of that, the shoes are too wide and slip around no matter how tightly you close the straps. If that weren't enough, the soles are not made properly to contact the ground.

For $175. I need better. Here are unretouched photos of the doll's face and hair. Her bun can be smoothed down with some gel so that's not a big deal.

But look at the lip painting. The dark shadow line extends further on one side than the other.

She is a pretty doll but the quality control is not there. I am not going to ask for a replacement because I know the doll is sold out and even if they have replacements, it's liable to take months to get it. 

I would love to change her hairstyle. Rerooting would cost another $100. Not worth it.


  1. As usual you are spot on with your critique.And here I go back up on my soapbox. If you are not going to return the doll or ask for a replacement I hope you will let them know about the flaws that you found. $175. is so much these days and I feel strongly about companies that have such a high mark up on their products that are being made overseas for a fraction of what they are charging the customer.You are a highly respected collector with many followers,so your words should carry a lot of weight.Thanks for listening.

    1. Thanks for your comments. My opinion does not carry weight with Integrity Toys because I am not one of their 100%-all-the-time cheerleaders. I love some of their dolls and I say so. When something is less than I expect, I say so. Doll companies do not enjoy being criticized even when warranted and that goes for ALL doll manufacturers.
      I sold her head. I don't know what I will do with the shoes. I'm wondering if I have any other dolls who can wear them. I'll find out when I unpack my stuff one of these days.

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  3. She looks fabulous on that red dress. I love her shoes! So sad that you weren't happy with her complete package. Well, yes, sometimes it's a hassle to return things bought online. :(

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  4. I'm starting to limit my collection to the older dolls. They just seem to have more detail and more thought put in to them. The new 16" FRs are GHASTLY.....I love my old Hot Trot.....Also? I'm not loving some of the new face molds/paint jobs (Ayumi, anyone?)....just MHO. I'm glad you voice your opinion. Having "attended" the spring unveiling, I hear you on the cheerleaders......