This Is Wrong on So Many Levels

I like many anthropomorphic figures but this HUJOO 60CM AMIE creature is just downright weird in my opinion. Could it be the huge breasts or the stance of the figure in the photos?

The wig doesn't help.

And it has a tail.

There's no accounting for differences in taste but if you are so inclined, here's the link for more delightful photos and ordering information.


Junkyspot is also offering another, 2CM smaller, figure. She's a beautiful female with a body that is similar to that of Amie. Her name is Cleopatra.

With faceup, she's $195. 60cm is just under 24"

She's no dog.

Both made of ABS plastic with rubberized joints.


  1. It would be totally okay if she only could bend her legs the other way (just kidding) ;-). I had seen some pictures elsewhere, but that tail is new!

    1. I can just imagine that pose. EEK

  2. Their promo pics include one with her in the "doggy" position? I don't even know what to say about that.

  3. Anthropomorphism works well in comics/cartoons, but here it doesn't -- for me. Maybe the problem is that the doll isn't dressed and posed in a scene? The Tonner Avatar dolls have a certain aesthetic appeal, after all.

    I haven't ventured into the non-16" or -12" dolls yet, but Cleopatra is certainly lovely.

  4. Now is the time for Hasbro to bring back Peteena.

  5. The dog girl may have been created with some dolfie dream collectors in mind? I like my anthros cute. This girl would be hotter if she was a GSD not a spaniel lol.The other one is good value for the money and I too would love a Peteena repro and more of those Madame Alexander French Kitties as well.

  6. if i think about it, what seems off about it is the immature face on the fully mature body.... if you could somehow make an adult dog face or a youthful body, it might not seem so off...it's like putting a Cissette head on a Sybarite body.....i don't get the animal stuff as characters though...i get it as concept art.. but nothing else