Basique Blak, a Gift Set from Superfrock

Yes, I've gone and done it. I've crossed over the pond to the dark side with one big toe and a few other little piggies by purchasing a Superfrock Ltd. fashion collection called Basique Blak. Picture me calculating with my currency converter the average price of each of the many pieces in this set and then throwing all caution to the wind by clicking BUY NOW.

Following is the market description of the set:
Set consists full length 'petticoat' evening gown in sequin with braided 'leather' straps,
black tafetta bolero jacket with braided 'leather' belt, black silk satin evening skirt and the ever so cute, wide neck pelvic length silk satin blouse. Lurex fishnet hose as well as a pair of sheer black, a pair of black silk sandals and the ultimate black mesch [sic] and patent over knee boots.
Final pieces being a hot and sexy red satin and lace underwear set!

No, I do not own a Sybarite doll nor do I intend to own one, but I counted on the fashions fitting my AvantGuard dolls and I was correct. I have not tried the hose, lingerie or boots yet.
I added the rhinestone pin to the top in the first pictured ensemble. The fabrics are silk and feel wonderful. The shoes, which I must photograph, fit beautifully. I am pleased. The red wig is from one of my Cissette Shadow dolls.
The cost with shipping from Great Britain was $377.18. Think about this...if one were to purchase one newly released premium Tonner fashion doll the cost would be between $150-$175 and more. Considering that nude Tonner dolls resale value is usually half or less after four months, the value is in the clothing. This set was not that expensive when I compare it to the prices I have paid for less. The fashions are timeless and beautifully constructed.
This item sold out very, very fast. People have money and are willing to spend it for quality dolls and related items. If Integrity Toys would wake up and stop trying to be all things to all people, pehaps they could concentrate on quality. Of course there would be rending of garments, vociferous demonstrations of hatred, beating of breasts and uncontrolled wailing if they released a $300 fashion pack. But if there were only 200 of them and the fashions were amazing with a commitment to quality and attention to detail, they'd sell out before hitting the ground.


  1. I am hoping that the new line Inregrity is developing will fill that void.

  2. What new line and which void are you referring to?

  3. Oh Terri.. you are girl speaking my mind.. (you probably know that on some level)
    Cross over,cross over.. get yourself just one Syb.. just one LOL.
    I didn't want a Syb ever.. I was happy with FR replacing my quality issues with Barbie.
    And now.. I am happy moving on to Sybs. I still buy Tonner.. but only on sale.
    You are correct about Integrity & Tonner losing sight of their goal which was Quality items. You are also correct: People do have money to spend on quality dolls.. not ones we have to fix, once we receive them.

    Love the pictures!
    Have a great evening,

  4. Stunning, stunning gowns! Love that first one on Goldmine - is that her name? I think I even like her better than Androgyny - the more I look at her.


  5. Thank you James and Marsha. Marsha, the first doll is Aphrodisiac and the other one is Goldmine.

  6. I was referring to the FR Monogram collection. Isn't it a couture line?

  7. The FR Monogram Collection? Honestly, that one is new to me. I will have to ask about it and get back to you. Where did you hear about it?

  8. OK...I found the reference. In promoting the Life Ball Doll, Integrity Toys says it is "Integrity Toys' new FR Monogram™ collection. An extension of the Fashion Royalty collectible line, the FR Monogram collection features a new custom face sculpt (body is the same size as the Nu.Face body), as well as the hallmark of Fashion Royalty- miniaturized couture fashion with impeccable attention to detail."

    When I read that I thought that we were already supposed to be getting impeccable attention to detail.

  9. "When I read that I thought that we were already supposed to be getting impeccable attention to detail."

    I feel you but I believe now more than ever that Jason is no longer designing the regular line and part of that result has been a drop in quality. I am thinking that this really small line will get his personal attention.

  10. Hi Terri,

    I missed out on this set. Seeing your fab pics doesn't make that loss any easier!

    Welcome to the world of Sybarites (you may well end up with a doll one day I'm sure!).

  11. I managed to get this NRFB recently for 375. It should arrive any day. Thanks to your review, I took the leap for one of the best deals ever from superfrock.

    Viva Terri!

  12. @Uriah: My favorite pieces are the sequined gown and the jacket. Because I don't have a Sybarite and don't plan to get one, I sold the boots but the shoes fit the Avantguards and the underwear fits the Gene dolls! The fabric feels like 'buttah.'