Play With Your Savior or iDoll Worship

What was I looking for when I stumbled upon a Moses Rubber Duck complete with the Ten Commandments?
The multitudes of Moses dolls astounded me. I found talking Jesus action figures, (deluxe complete with loaves, fishes and a wine jar!), Pope dolls,
a John the Baptist Puppet, a Talking Noah Messenger of Faith Doll,
several styles of Jesus Nodders and a Large Holy Folks Talking Mary With Jesus in Disp Box. What is a 'Disp' box?
Listen to this list of dolls and figurines with Moses:
Tales of Glory Bible Figurine Moses Holding Ten Commandments Includes Story of Moses;
Moses 16 inch Plush with Ten Commandments Plush Stone Tablets by Holy Folks;
Moses in the Bulrushes Giant Floor Puzzle;
BibleQuest - Action Figure - Moses (That one comes with a Holy Ark, a staff for Moses to throw at Pharoh's feet, a snake and something that looks like a giant bowl filled with fire or maybe it's a burning bush.)
Wait, there's more!
There's the Moses Action Figure;
Talking Moses Messenger of Faith;
Almighty Heroes Action Figure - Moses;
Moses Doll Basket with Bedding and Stand;
Moses Little Thinker Plush Stuffed Doll Toy.

Yes, believers, there is even more. You can spend 40 years wandering through Amazon.com and never finish discovering dolls representing religious figures. So what if they're not fashion dolls? Someone must be buying them.

These dolls will go well with my Holy Toast Stamper, my Last Supper Longbox and my Jesus Pencil Toppers Set.

But between you and me...shouldn't Noah have been the rubber duck?

All of the photographs in this post are the individual manufacturers' promotional pictures found on Amazon.com's website.


  1. I love this! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. lolol, May God be with you! These ae so cool!