Seen on Prego Today

These gorgeous images posted by Adrian Cardozo really caught my eye this morning. This was originally a RDG Maya head, exclusive to Angelic Dreamz. Adrian gave her a Jamieshow body. The wig is her original wig, headband is Sybarite Moon's,  dress is Numina Asher's,  cinch belt by Ficon, bracelet by Paul Pham and shoes are from an eBay seller called beautytoys. 
The inspiration for the faceup was inspired by Pris (Blade Runner) with a high fashion twist and was successfully interpreted by Kari Denker aka Liquid Sunshine.

I asked Adrian to describe his photo technique for the first image. Here is what he said:
 "Since today is a cloudy day, I took this picture indoors using a mix of lights. I was looking for a warmer feeling. The lighting is coming from below the dolls feet. I found this amazing old style XR reader light (like doctors used to have on their offices) that still works amazingly well...plus one more light from the front.

After I took the picture I simply selected the background in Photoshop and used the motion blur option plus added wind...blurred again and added wind..I like the different texture that creates by doing the same selection several times...."

Thanks to Adrian for sharing his unique doll and creative photo techniques. I love this stuff!


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much Terri! I can't even describe how hard it was to put THAT MUCH BLACK on a gorgeous doll face, but Adrian assured me that it would be okay! LOL His pics and styling are perfection. As always!

  2. @Kari: At first I thought it might have been done in Photoshop altogether! But Adrian had a vision and you brought it to life.

  3. The ingenuity and creativity of so many artists posting on the message boards never ceases to amaze me. Danke, indeed!