A half truth is a whole lie. Yiddish Proverb

Integrity Toy's marketing director sent out an email apologizing about the Nu Fantasy Malicious' necklace not fitting. He could have just said that they made a manufacturing error and collectors have to take off the head to get the necklace on. Instead he proffered excuses along with instructions on removing doll heads.
"because of the shape of the necklace and the materials used, we were limited as far as manufacturing possibilities to make this piece happen while staying true to the design team's original vision for it."

So creative! One can twist words to make a mistake look intentional.
Limited manufacturing possibilities? The design team's vision?
I would say it was a lack of vision. 
Stop the nonsense discourse!  
Fashion Victim?
I know a lot of collectors who are fearful of removing heads and would never even attempt to do so.


  1. I'd say your bullshit detector is working just fine!


  2. I agree with the first comment! I immediatelly thought it was an odd email, and removing the head to put the necklace in, is NO solution. Seriously. Personally I HATE taking heads off. I have cracked tons of necks doing it. I would not take a head off to put a necklace on a doll, that's for sure. If there is no solution for the problem, I say IT should give a discount coupon, or something like that for future purchases. The value would have to be proportional to the original price of the doll of course.

  3. DollGrrlTrixie8/25/11, 7:27 PM

    IT is playing shenanigans with us!!! BAD, BAD IT!

  4. I arranged for my doll dealer to remove the head and put the necklace on before the doll is shipped to me. I am one of those who doesn't remove doll heads. Fortunately, doll dealer can.
    If this had not been possible or feasible, or if I hadn't asked her to call IT when she saw what you saw, Terri, then I would be very upset. IT would be getting a doll back to apply a necklace whether they liked it or not.

    This is the SECOND time collectors have been asked to DIY cxoncerning the premium priced dolls this year. The first was the Elise head which didn't match the body. I kept mine as it was because I was afraid I would ruin the knob inside the doll body.

    Just needed to say how sloppy I think Alain is!!!
    I don't think he cares about Integrity's collectors at all.

  5. An oops my bad would've sufficed instead of all the extra prose since they had no intention of fixing the necklace. It doesn't matter the necklace will just stay in the bag. I'm not removing her head just to get it on because I don't want to mess up her hairstyle.


  6. If this WAS true - then why didn't they make it known in advance?

  7. Good Call. The quality and production control issues continue. If you don't control the factory you can't control the quality. More and more IT seems to be more sizzle then steak.
    Will C.

  8. Hey Terri - let's get some conversation going here. And I do hope your "review" of this post is approved.

    What would you have done in this situation?

    If you were the Marketing Director, would you offer a fix (which is what I read in the e-mail from Alain), or do you have another plan that you would recommend, and why?

    Please, I'd love to hear what you would have done.


  9. @Anonymous: I would have done everything he did except make excuses that made it sound like what happened was OK. The materials used were fine. The designer's vision was fine. The size of the opening was wrong. Duh.

  10. I am not going to collect IT as much as I have in the past. If I see a doll that really impresses me, then I will never say never, but I am getting tired of yellowing bodies, loose joints, and HIGH prices, and excuses.
    I am changing the direction of my collection to the resin dolls, such as JamieShow. They are more expensive, but won't be yellowed and falling apart in a couple of years. I am terrified of my IT collection losing its value, just sitting there, degrading. :(

  11. When I read the first post of this doll and looked at the necklace I couldn't understand why they would have made it like that. A 2/3s or 3/4s piece might have worked. It would need hinges on at least one side in the back to make it work properly as is. It the metal had been thinner perhaps it would have had some bend room but someone would have had to figure that this wouldn't work properly before they even sent the first samples over for production to China and definitely when they got the samples made over there back before mass production.This from someone who has dealt with getting pieces of jewelry and statuary made over there for others, doing a minimal amount of metal work and making copious doll necklaces and jewelry myself. You should never have to take off the head or any other part of your dolls anatomy to wear an accessory that it is sold with or in general. That is an arrogance to the part of for anyone at the company that thought their consumers would just bit the bullet and take it. Personally, I'm surprised everyone hasn't tried to send the dolls back or get some compensation for this major defect. The necklace basically makes the outfit and it is defective. This would be a major fail especially for expensive dolls that you re outfit to fit your mood.

  12. More and more reasons keep coming as to why I won't buy Integrity dolls ever again. Sorry fans.

  13. I am very pleased to read these comments. These dolls are expensive. There is No Excuse for ill fitting fashions,accessories, etc. Send them bsck!Integrity cannot be allowed to continue with sub standard workmanship.

  14. Yet more excuses from IT. I can't say I'm surprised by this bs statement considering who wrote it. I met this marketing director twice at conventions, and I was quite surprised that a company with the name "Integrity" would use such an arrogant, pompous clown as their mouthpiece.

  15. I thought it was disrespectful seriously. Why oh why would i want to remove a head to put on a necklace. So everytime you want to change style/fashion, you have to remove a head. That's ridiculous.

    I wouldn't even accept that from a playline Barbie.

  16. I'm sorry for all those that purchased her and were let down. I think any doll, let alone an expensive doll - should need minimal effort to be enjoyed. Ugh. I ordered the club Poppy...let's hope she's ok...

  17. Since IT is instructing owners to pull the heads off to complete the display of the doll as designed- will IT warranty the replacement of broken necks beyond the 1 year warranty period? I highly doubt it...

  18. Wow.. (I'm thinking:) "dazzle me with bullshit and I'll order pre-order everything..." I love the part that says: ".. staying true to the design team's original vision for it." What vision is that? Stevie Wonder's?