Photo of the Day by Tom in CA

J'Adore modeling a gown by Atelier Soda.

Words don't do justice to this magnificent creation. Tom posted this on Studio Commissary.

Atelier Soda created this miniature rendition inspired by a piece from Christian Dior/John Galliano's Spring 2007 Haute Couture runway collection.  http://www.viva-soda.com/Product%20-%203%20Haute%20Couture/Atelier/Product_CT005_CoutureNo5.html

For my readers who don't know yet...J'Adore is a 16" resin BJD version of Gene Marshall designed by Mel Odom and produced by JamieShow. She was the most recent FDQ exclusive. Tom has redressed and re-wigged her for this stunning photograph.


  1. Beautiful combination of doll and outfit! I love both! Stunning!

  2. doll fashionists9/7/13, 6:28 PM

    Wow! This is an amazing gown!

  3. You are always so good for the best over the top eye candy in my email box! I absolutely love this pic and dress. I think I dealt with Tom a long time ago with his Genes and some of my jewelry designs. It was a crazy period where we were going through the worse heat wave and I had heat stroke [my e6000 was even melting instead of curing on metal items I was trying to glue together!]He has impeccable tastes and loves his Genes. Glad they came out with a resin queen for him! I love love love the design and detail of this dress as well as the colors. It makes me thing [for whatever reason] of the old old movies with Audrey Hepburn in them [adore reading about her] This is a doll picture worthy of framing!