Paper Dolls: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Family

Today the United States celebrates the birthday of slain civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Here are the results of a Google search for related dolls:

Martin Luther King, Jr., and His Family: Paper Dolls (in Full Color) (Paperback) ~ Tom Tierney (Author) Price - New $20., Used $12. [A used paper doll book?]

Limberjack Jig Doll Martin Luther King Jr
There is a doll on eBay described as a wooden dancing black man in suit and tie. I don't know if it should be a lumberjack - perhaps made by a lumberjack? I can't post the image as it is not mine and I don't know the seller but here is the auction # 230419295411 It's a very interesting item.

Here is a really stupid item found on Amazon but not sold by Amazon. It's titled Plush Stuffed Duck (Sprinkles) toy with great Martin Luther King day T-ShirtMost of the other search items that came up were craft projects for children to participate in on this day. When I did a search for a figurine instead of a doll, I came up with a jumble of stuff. Judge for yourself.

Martin Luther King Jr. Bust Statue (20" fiberglass)Lladro´ - Retired - Estimated value more than $800.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum figure. I'm guessing there is a copy of this figure. $195.

I don't have information about this one.
Lladro Black Legacy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 7528

Amazon $14.98

This was a disappointing search. However, you can always get an Edward Cullen doll, the Godfather, an Elvis or a Frank Sinatra doll. Goes to show you what's important.

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