Swirl Ponytail Barbie & My Favorite Black Barbie - Vintage Reproductions

If I collected Barbies, I'd definitely get this set. It looks so cute. I love the record player and records. The pink checked dress is adorable and the doll looks like the real thing. And, I'm guessing she will not have green ear. Priced at $40. at Marsha's Dollhouse, it seems like a pretty decent buy.

Another attractive and well-priced set is called My Favorite Black Barbie. She comes clad in a full length gown, lots of jewelry and accesories and what appears to be a gold trimmed, white tuxedo type suit. I don't like the "Do the Hustle" pose on this doll but she's a cutie with a great afro and is a good candidate for a body transplant. The blog, Black Doll Collecting, has an interesting post and pictures of the original Black Barbie.

In my opinion, the only one who can get away with wearing a white pant suit with one arm in the air is John Travolta.
My Favorite Career dolls, part of the My Favorite Barbie Doll line will see:
a Registered Nurse

a Student Teacher

a Pan American Airways Stewardess

and Miss Astronaut Barbie Dolls.

I like all of them! On BarbieCollector.com these are priced at $39.95. My Favourite Doll has them listed at $49.95. USD and CDN.

There is something wholesome about the vintage dolls (and copies thereof) lacking in the uber-sophisticated Barbies of today. But that's probably what our grandparents might have said 40 years ago about the dolls from their childhood.


  1. I like the atsonaut and the teacher- I am not a lot into barbies but I love the idea that they were giving young girls the idea that they can be a scientist! You probably know that women in science is one of my very own concerns ;) So, I might be getting th atronaut when she comes out... just because I support the idea of it all!

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog. Since I already own the original Black Barbie, I initially concluded that I would not add the reproduction to my collection. However, after seeing the doll shortly after the holidays in person at a Target store, I may eventually purchase it. The John Travolta-type suit didn't look too shabby in person either, but I'd probably never redress the doll in it.

    I really wish Mattel would reproduce the blue, double Barbie case I owned as a child, circa 1964.