Purse of the Month Club

For several years Diana Wieler and her sister, Janet Ellis, have been creating monthly doll-sized handbags and coordinating outfits. I have posted about it before http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/search?q=Purse+of+the+Month+Club and in many of my photos one of their bags shows up on the arm of a doll.
Their business name is La Boutique and this month's offering has a nautical theme for it's miniature Chanel bags. These are just adorable!
These are suitable for 1/6 scale dolls (12") but you can ask if it's possible to have it made in 1/4 scale for 16" dolls. 

Chanel Nautical Charm Bag
Live a charmed life! Each quilted leather bag features 5 custom-made charms, a thread-through leather and chain handle, and CC logo over the closure. $40.00 + shipping

You can expect an extremely well-constructed product that both you and your girls will adore.

They are also offering a coordinated tote set and a lovely sheath, below.

Tote Set
Bold stripes and a modified CC logo are topped with a chain and anchor dangle. Includes a long red logo scarf. $30.00

Navy and White Dress
Fresh and fashionable for spring! This classic knit dress is shaped, and includes a detached belt. $55.00

In addition to the basic offerings above, every month, they create an "Elite Ensemble."

Elite Ensemble
Dramatic high fashion, this month's Elite gives nautical a new look! Includes jacket, fringed skirt, red bodysuit, over-sized sailor hat, necklace, earrings, Special Edition Tote, shoes and your choice of Chanel Nautical Charm bag. 160.00 + shipping

Check out this month's products and then gaze upon the mouth-watering products of the past. You will not be disappointed!


To order and for more information contact dianawieler@hotmail.com.

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