Misty Copeland Barbie® Doll

 Released today, a lovely new Barbie Doll with a body that actually has volume in the bust, thighs and calves. The retail price is $29.95  Impressive!

Mattel's Promo: 
As the first African American female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland is an inspirational star, paving the way for future dancers all over the world! Her fire red bodysuit, with sunburst orange tulle cutouts, stretches over her perfectly poised body, while layers of red and orange tulle tease a luxurious red tail. A vibrant tulle headpiece tops off her elaborate look, adding drama and flair. The doll features a brand-new ballerina body, with a face sculpted to Misty's likeness!

She looks preggers here.
The doll is dressed up in Copeland's Firebird dance costume. It's "articulated," which is Mattel speak for extremely flexible and able to be posed in various ballet positions. To truly capture Copeland's likeness, the company took numerous photos and sent the dancer various prototypes to critique.
"We looked at her nose and made sure it was a little bit wider than Barbie's actually is, and that her lips were fuller and that she had a little almond shape to her eyes," she says.
"Something I kept saying was 'make her bust bigger!' I wanted it to really represent me, and for it to really, truly be like my body."
The doll has strong muscles, which Copeland says was important to her. She's glad that Barbie is "truly representing" a real athlete.
 Excerpt from an article by Yohana Desta
 The real dancer is a true doll.


  1. Mmmmmm no. This doll is a fail to me. Tonner could have done wonders. 'Preggers' hahaha!!! So true!!!

  2. "is she pregnant?" was my first thought when I saw the the first picture of the doll, how could everyone at Mattel not notice? I would like to see a close up of the doll's face to see how much it really resembles Misty, and I could stare at the picture of Misty for hours, how amazing.

    1. It doesn't look like her. The skin tone is quite a bit lighter as well. However, I believe the body is really a step forward

  3. Isn't it unusual that a smaller toy company can produce an amazing likeness of a character seen once on the Twilight Zone, for instance, but can't produce a decent likeness of a celebrity (for instance, Marilyn Monroe), even when the person is still around? Why is this?

    The doll was gone within an hour on the Barbie website, which was mentioned by someone on their doll board. I notice the second Silkstone is available on Cherished Friends--and on Ebay!--why not on the Barbie COLLECTOR website? Makes you so grateful to have paid $27+ for a cheap wallet or plastic chair and "insider access" that doesn't exist. (My comment wasn't accepted.)

  4. I don't think this doll really resembles Misty, but I like her face and the fact that she has a more athletic body. If I have the chance, I will probably get her.

  5. I love the body shape although the likeness is very small. I hope she's widely available!

  6. I love her athletic leg sculpt, but long for the days when Mattel could produce a really stellar celeb sculpt. I think the decision-makers at Mattel are running the entire Barbie line into the ground. Their marketing department seems to be letting random "mom" focus groups make all their decisions!
    Nina Dee