Integrity Toys "How To" Videos

Integrity has several how to videos, several of which may be applicable to other dolls as well. I'm listing the most often asked about here and ultimately they will migrate to the right hand column of this blog site for future reference.

How to Safely Disassemble the FR2013 or NuFace Body

How to Safely Switch a Doll's Head

How to Safely Enlarge or Create a Doll's Earring Holes

How to Tighten Loose Knee Joints on a Doll

How to Reshape the Sole of a Shoe to Make the Heel the Correct Length




  1. Why would anybody want to disassemble the bodies? They aren't BJDs that might need restringing.

    1. I'm guessing in order to replace defective parts.

  2. Nice! I had no idea these were out there, thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these videos. I'll try to add some eyelashes again.
    My first try was a disaster.

    I have a few dolls with very weak knees, so hopefully the tricks will work.