Dovima ~ Vera Wang ~ Barbie

Dovima is undeniably one of the best known super models of the past. Her name inspires images of glamour and grace and the finest fashion photography of Richard Avedon.
Dovima by Richard Avedon (Harper's Bazaar 1950)
 Vera Wang is a contemporary New York designer known for her trademark bridal gowns which have been worn by numerous celebrities in real life, in movies and on television.  Before opening her own salon in 1990, she was the senior fashion editor for Vogue for sixteen years. Early in her career she trained as a figure skater and participated in championship events.

Vera Wang Spring 2010

Wang and Mattel have teamed up to produce the Vera Wang™ Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie® Doll.  This doll was just released for sale on April 14, 2011 at the retail price of $159.99.  Edition size is 2,500. 

The gowns are very pretty. Unfortunately the stiff model body is just that, stiff. They're OK for those who will keep their dolls boxed. But for the rest of us who believe in playing with our dolls, the actual doll is useless. For $159. an articulated doll is a must. I don't care whose name is on the gown. You can get a doll wearing Jason Wu for that price and she will be completely articulated.
Dovima Gown

Buyers can opt to replace the Vera Wang standard packaging with a letterpressed monogram of their choice applied to the front of the doll box at no additional charge.

A previous Wang/Mattel collaboration produced this stunning gown which is beautifully photographed here by Rebecca Berry on an Elise FR2 doll:

Photograph by Rebecca Berry
The Romanticist by Vera Wang/Mattel ~ September, 2008 ~ Mfr.  Photo
The edition size of the Gold Label brunette bridal doll was under 9,000 and the retail price was $150.  The blonde was the Platinum Label version. I've seen asking prices for the platinum version in the $499.—$700. range. The brunette is easily available under $150.

A 1997 Vera Wang Barbie Bride Doll. Labeled 1st one in the series. Current prices range from about $99.—$199.

Will you be ordering the latest Wang Barbie bride?


  1. They are all gorgeous, but the dolls are too expensive. I wonder how many are sewn on Barbie? Went through my Barbie collection recently and noticed way too many sewn on fashions.

  2. There is no play value to a lot of these collectible Barbies. Mattel has decided they are display figures; why else is there no articulation in the Model-Muse body? You can't even use the pretty outfits for another doll. As Carine said, many times the outfits are sewn on.

    Fran in NYC

  3. I had the Vera Wang "1st one in the series" when it was out.. and it was a HUGE DISSAPPOINTMENT..... the production doll (as shown in the bottom picture) was so different from the prototype... pre-ordered her based on the beautiful proto-type and imagine my dissappointment... the gown.. was pleated and no where near as big as the advertising pictures.. the hairstyle was totally different- NOT EVEN STRAIGHT cause of this plastic they used around the head to keep the hair in place... and the skintone was darker....
    that was the doll which made me stop pre-ordering barbie dolls until i see them in person..