Renegade Restyled ~ Magnificent Monogram ~ Cissette

I'm in love with this doll. I think she is gorgeous. I went from not having one at all to having a dressed one and a nude!
The dressed Renegade will keep her odd hairstyle intact but the nude has had hers taken down, boiled straighter, trimmed to hang properly and conditioned. Here is the result:

She's wearing an older dress by SL Designs and the jewelry from the Redefined Accessories set. That's the set that comes with the resin Monogram bust, a big black hat, shoes and a handbag. It's actually very nice. I don't really need the bust but I suppose I can use it as a photo prop. The hat is not necessary either as I have nicer black hats. I love the jewelry which consists of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The shoes and handbag are white with black patent trim...both very attractive. FR2 arches are higher than Monogram arches but the shoes fit.

Magnificent Monogram

I was not going to buy this doll because I have more than enough Monogram dolls and her gown appeared to be the same design as one from the convention in a different color. But then I was enabled by seeing IRL photos of the gown and the jewelry and I went for it. I am not sorry. The mole on her face has to go but otherwise I like her and the gown is drop dead gorgeous as is the jewelry.  I love dolls with updos. They stay neat. It's the extremely high foreheads that throw me occasionally. This gal has a great deal of real estate above her eyebrows.

She's still available at several dealers. I recommend her.

My not-so-secret passion for Madame Alexander Cissettes was (temporarily) satisfied by the purchase of this Bloomingdales' Coral & Leopard Cissette.
She is 8" tall and has an incredibly detailed and fashionable outfit. Of course her Bloomingdales shopping bag is the cutest ever. Under the pink swing coat is a leopard blouse and a skirt..adorable!

She will display beautifully alongside my Macy's and Neiman Marcus Cissettes (below) even though she is 2" shorter than they. She is an earlier 'model' Cissette and they were shorter.
Macy's Cissette
Neiman Marcus Cissette
Although this next tiny beauty has no shopping bag, they're taking  her along.
Houndstooth Cissette 8"


  1. Your restyled Renegade is fabulous! I am not a big Monogram fan, but that one is definitely one of the prettier ones.

  2. I think IT should hire you as a designer. Girl, you have the magic touch! RD has never looked better! And it should not have ever been that way. Why pay so much for a doll that you have to restyle, boil-perm, and recondition the heck out of, just to say that you like her now???

  3. Renegade is a beautifull doll, and I LOVE how you styled her hair... The color is wonderfull isn't it?

    As for the monogram, I'm reliefed that they are not for me... the only one I really really liked untill this day was Best Drama, but I managed to live without her thankfully!!

    About those little 8'' cuties, I'd love to see them in person, they seem adorable and so stylish!