Another Kate Middleton Doll and More Royal Silliness

"Kate Middleton Doll, The Royal Engagement, Vinyl Portrait Doll by Paradise Galleries. Phew. That's a  mouthful. This one will be available on Amazon.Com beginning April 15. No price is listed.
This one is prettier but IMO still doesn't look like the real thing.

This is for the human owner of the doll.

The doll mentioned in my previous post is even worse than I thought. Look at this picture:

Here is an excerpt from the San Francisco Chronicle:
London's famous Hamley's toy store just introduced the Barbie-like doll that sells for 35 pounds ($75).
The toy store's website says that this doll "oozes British style"--although it seems that the doll's resemblance to Kate is less than striking. The doll has a horsey sort of look to her face; Kate is much prettier.
The doll is sporting a royal blue dress similar to the one Ms. Middleton wore when her engagement to Prince William was first announced last winter.
She's carrying an Eaton clutch bag that's an exact replica of Kate's with gold-colored fake snakeskin leather, a horseshoe clasp and a gold chain.
The slingback heels are inspired by British shoe designer Beatrix Ong and even feature a miniature Ong label on the insole.
And of course, the doll is wearing a shimmery purple amethyst engagement ring.
If you want to buy this special commemorative doll, then you better act now. Only 10,000 were made and anything related to Kate sells out fast. After the media got their hands on engagement images of Kate in her blue dress, stores carrying the same frock sold out of it within hours.

Every household needs one of these in addition to a few dolls:
Do you think it has coloring pages inside? I would like that. ;-)

This post is definitely going down the drain.

HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Bobble Heads

Only $80.16

Here is an item for your crown jewels, Royal Wedding Commemorative Condoms Collector's Edition. No, I am not kidding. Click on the link below and read.


  1. "Royal union of pleasure". "A King amongst Condoms". ROTF !

    I had a bad day Terri and because of you I will go to bed with a big smile on my face. Thank you & good night !


  2. Hey JimmyBoy:
    Glad I could provide some (pre)bedtime fun for you.

  3. I just cannot get excited about the Will/Kate wedding, and I am trying! Is it just me, or is this just so boring?

  4. @Anonymous: I don't know...perhaps some of us are still waiting for OUR prince to come along. I like it and I will be watching on tv. It's fascinating to watch people who grew up believing they were somehow chosen to be above everyone else. But to me it's like reading a fairytale and I used to like the happy parts. So...why not enjoy it?

  5. Holy Cow!
    Poor, Poor Kate...

  6. IMO the bobble heads are best! (grin) The hype surrounding the wedding does nothing for me. The historical connections and pageantry get more of my attention. How many royal weddings may one see in a lifetime? For me, this will only be the second of a direct heir.
    I don't need a Kate doll, but the "grail" of Kates surely has not arrived, as yet. Thanks for keeping us up to date on mini-Kate! :)

  7. I am excited to see who she will wear and what crown she gets. People say she is independent, but we shall see... I think what is fun is that she is not royalty, in any way, so it is like Cinderella.

  8. So far, the prettiest is the Franklin Mint doll, which you'd expect. The blue engagement dress is nice, but you KNOW if anyone collects her, they'll wait for the wedding gowned version of Kate. THAT could be spectacular.

    It would be nice to put Kate next to Diana on a display shelf- sometimes it's the only way to deal with a mother-in-law!!! In vinyl!!

    Google this one- William and Kate PEZ dispensers. How festive for a USA wedding party favour!!!

  9. @Steve:
    Besides the PEZ dispensers if you check eBay you will find:

    ...paper dolls (rather nice IMO) mugs, china, mouse pads, guides, wine charms, medallions, egg cups, demitasse cups, trinket boxes, coasters, replica invitations, letter openers, flags, shoppings bags, wine bottles, wine glasses, candles, towels, money clips, platters, refrigerator magnets, official stamps (real), pennants, bottle openers, buttons, earrings, postcards, t-shirts, bells, tumblers, assorted China, spoons and assorted publications.

    So far my favorite was the condoms. I was hoping for toilet paper. Or would that be toilette?