This is not turning out well.

Today I worked on Dasha's hair and it finally looked nice. I put on her jewelry and shoes all the while handling her extremely carefully. In order to put on her solid bracelet, her hand must be removed. I pulled gently on the left hand and it came out. Unfortunately the plug end stayed inside the forearm with nothing protruding. 
This has gone beyond frustrating.
I wonder if I can drill it out. I have a Dremel and fine jewelers bits. If I can drill the pin to make it slimmer, I might be able to remove it and use one of her replacement hands. So now I will have to undress her in order to wrap her for protection. Not fun.


  1. Wow, and you were so happy to get her.... WTF! :(

  2. OMG ! Bad hair styling + this... I think they have sent you the "Barbie Doll as Dasha" version. :(


  3. Definitely not a fun day; make you want to scream.

    I think you'd better off get a replacement.

  4. @Carine:
    I don't want to wait weeks for a replacement. I want the joy of opening a doll and admiring it. That's two dolls that didn't provide me with what I wanted and it cost me $350 to be disappointed. I can't believe it.
    I'm going to try to fix it myself. I can't make it much worse. Worst case is that I will have to deal with the return dept again.

  5. Wow! Quality control problems, Design problems and Production problems.....IT is not doing well.
    On the hand front, if I may suggest, try holding a long needle by a pair of pliers and heating it over a stove or cigarette lighter and once it is very hot inserting it into the broken piece remaining in the arm. If the needle is hot enough it will go into the plastic melting it and when it has cooled you may be able to pull the plug out of the arm.
    Oh, and one of my AG's shoes, first time out of the box, deconstructed itself...at least I learned how it was made (poorly)
    Hope tomorrow is better
    Will C.

  6. Oh, this should be totally frustrating...(((
    I've seen a tutorial on flickr.com by marina305, it might turn out helpful.


  7. hello miss terri. one time i had thos problem, and i fixed it with a bobby pin. i removed the round hed of one end after opening it to a right angle, then sand the blunt end a bit to thin it down and placed it on a stove top to heat it up, and then gently stick it to the stuck rod melting the plastic towards in, i remove it to expose the plunt hole i made and put on a very tiny amount of super glue, and then place it back. make sure no excess glue sticks to the side of the hole, then after drying i start to pivot the pin bit by bit, carefully pulling and swiveling it a millimeter at a time, till most of the rod is exposed, do this until it is totally removed.

    note, if the pin is removed before the rod is even out, do the super glue step all over again. or if some or most of the rod is ecposed, you could finish it off with a fine tip plier. hope that helped. :)


  8. Well...looking for a silver lining.... sorry! this is tough... duh... she's purty?! ;'

  9. @Cholo: Thank you for that procedure. I am afraid that I will glue the pin to the inside along with the plastic bit. I will think about this. I like the idea of melting it.

  10. Jurrie de Vries4/6/11, 11:46 AM

    The same thing happened to me with one of my Avantguards.....I never succeded removing the plug out of the arm....tried getting it out, pushing it further into the arm in order to insert her spare-hand.....no luck, the plug is stuck like a wall...Now she is wearing very tight gloves, which holds her spare hand to her arm....Sorry this happened to you with such an expensive doll.

    Greetings, Jurrie

  11. DON'T YOU DARE SPEND ANY MORE TIME ON THIS GIRL, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sorry to yell. After the whole hair thing, you get this?????????? And she was how much??????

    Let IT handle it now. Yes, she is a lovely doll. However, when you spend $150 + on a doll, you (and the rest of us) HAVE to stop being a doll hospital unless it's by choice.

    I'm unemployed, the unemployment stopped, so now I have to apply for disability through SSI. If this were a Grail, yes, I can see doing the manual labor to have her in my collection, knowing she's not perfect, but better than nothing.

    After my original Veronique/ Adele disasters (heads cracked off necks while in storage/ box), I hated the fact Gene was going to IT. So far, minimal yellowing, but no more IT dolls for me, as much as I like some of them. Maybe the cheaper "play" brand. But not their collectibles (with the exception of AG Androgyny).

    Dolls should be joyful, not a headache.

  12. Ewwwww. I fear this happening eveytime I pull off a hand. I need to evaluate how I want to collect dolls going forward. I've had too many issues with IT's brand of late

  13. For the price of these dolls, they should be almost perfect, I would love to see what you did to her hair.

  14. ayukislove4/6/11, 5:10 PM

    when i had an fr2 doll i notice there hands seem

    not to be a good quality of plastic

  15. I want to thank all who have written to me via email and all of those who have posted above. I appreciate your concern! This happened to me only one other time and it was another FR2. With that one I was able to push the remaining piece deeper into the arm. For the replacement hand, I shortened the rod and it fit in OK.

  16. Just saw this post, and I am so sorry this had to happen to you. So unfair, especially with such an expensive (and much desired) doll.
    On the cheaper side, I had a Wave 2 Reese, and just deboxed her last night. While she is pretty, the removable hands are so cheaply made--the joint that goes up into the wrist is as flimsy as a plastic toothpick. I prayed when I had to remove the hands to dress her that it would not break off. At the very least, if IT is going to offer the wonderful idea of the "hand-speak" system, at least the hands should be a bit sturdy to handle the intended removal and reattachment process!