Out of The Box: Ekaterina and Roger Sterling

Buying Ekaterina was a mistake. It was the red hair and excellent promotional photos that threw me. I love my redhaired Silkies. I did see her in another fashion last week and she will be redressed.
I knew it the minute I opened the box that her hair was going to be a problem. It may look good in the picture because I used Photoshop to push pixels around.  She has more hair than my dog and it's a lot harder to comb.
The hat was sewn on in a strange way so that removing it also removed the stitches that were holding back part of her hair. Seen here, I have replaced the hat towards the back of her head and used a pin to hold it on. When I have an hour and nothing else to do ha she needs a trim.

I am planning to sell off her fashion as it looks like and reminds me too much of Je Ne Sais Quoi seen below.
Here are her boots which aren't bad but I could definitely live without. I think they'd look better without the golden tassles.

How many Silkstones came with this exact bracelet or a variation? Tiring. 

No one forced me to buy her and in a weak and needy moment I deboxed. There is a pleasure in deboxing: untying ribbons, snipping threads, lifting the freed doll from her cardboard prison. Ahhhh.
The same needy time period saw Roger Sterling come out.
I bought him because the suit looked really good and because I have no other Silkstone male dolls. His suit is excellent! I was impressed.
If he looks weird in this photo it's because of the awkward bend in his arm. They should have given him straight arms.
If I saw a man whose shirt collar was too short to come into contact with his chest when he was wearing a tie, I'd say he wasn't well groomed. This is a problem. I'm thinking (when I have time) to use a needle and thread to create the look of a tiebar to hold the points of the collar down. It would make a huge difference. That neck joint is awful.
 There are several terrific details like Roger's initials on his shirt sleeve. The suit is well constructed with tiny faux buttons to camouflage the fact that the closure is with snaps. Very well done!
 The hat is a squishy plastic that fits well and stays on.

The stand he comes with is a waist gripper type which must be used under his jacket.  He does stand on his own but I wouldn't leave him for long without support.


  1. Ekaterina definitely has potential. I look forward to see what you redress her in and what you will do with her hair.

  2. Just saw an E redress on In The Pink doll message board, and she looked amazing in a gray frock.

  3. Hi Terri,
    we are TWINS ;o)))

    I think absooooolutely same like you about miss Ekaterina !!!
    I think she will not still wear her boots with golden tassles.

    She seemed to be like than Je Ne Sais Quoi; so, the faux-fur is really not the same quality !!!! The faux-fur of Ekaterina is the same as the Interview, I compared them yesterday.

    Just I didn't still get the hat off her head....