I Love How You Love Me — Poppy Parker Gift Set

A great benefit of being a shipping buddy to a collector who lets me debox to lower the weight of their shipment is that I get to play and photograph their goodies.
"I Love How You Love Me" is a Dolls Magazine exclusive of only 300 pieces and the retail price was $150. There was a huge brouhaha on the day half of these items went up for order as the link crashed and an alternate link was put up. Many who would have ordered did not know of the alternate link and it caused a great deal of angst. It's my opinion that this is part of the reason that the secondary market rise in price of this gift set.
This season's Poppy Parker fashions do not appear to have the same styling as prior years. Although this set is primarily white, the clothes on the rest of the season's Poppy's and Darla are darker and more sophisticated. Something is changing.

 She comes wearing a white a-line dress that has lovely bodice detailing with a pleated back and the omnipresent bow. This set has a total of eight bows. I may have missed one or two.
The coat is a different fabric from the dress. It is a thin brocade with silver thread running throughout. The jumper is simple and goes over a frilly white blouse. Her pajamas are a smooth fabric, perhaps a polished cotton, with ruffled lace and ribbons and matching panties. The accessories consist of 3-fingered gloves, clutch bag, hair bow, red flats, white low-heeled shoes, fuzzy slippers, lace pantyhose, regular pantyhose, pearl stud earrings and a hat pin.

The best pictures I've seen of this doll show her hair restyled. As it comes it is styled into 3 hard rolls without butter.


  1. Being a shipping buddy certainly has its appeal! I wish I could also be one, at least just to be able to 'play'.))) But living outside of US eliminates the possibility. Your photos are great, I adore the one with the mirror.

  2. It is a lovelly giftset... I'm in it only for the doll and the white coat though . I have a hard time trying to do "cute"... I rather do "sophisticated" - hopefully *lol*

    Glad you got to debox everything and play a little! Hope you don't regret not keeping one doll for yourself, as you did with BG ;)


  3. I really like this set; my fave PP so far. Thanks for posting!