Renegade Dasha Needs a New Hair Stylist and So Does Integrity Toys

She looked gorgeous when I opened the box. Renegade is stunning in her red fashion. Her screening is gorgeous. Her hair color is a blend of light blondes. I love the color. But look at the back. WTF?

What is this?
I was so hoping I would love everything about this doll. The pony tail hair is divided into two sections. One is rolled under and ends are caught up in the hair that wraps around the ponytail. Did you get that?
Who thought up this stupid hairstyle?  It does not work and it looks ridiculous. Someone at IT had to approve it. The prototype was different but I never examined the back.
I will fix it by taking the end of the curled clump out and boiling it straight. I'm quite certain that I will have to take it all out. It ruins the joy of a new doll. That's two ruined dolls because of the hair. I am still waiting for my Flawless Elise replacement head.

Don't turn around.

 Maybe that's why she has side glancing eyes.


  1. WTF...is RIGHT, Terri.

    This is getting shameful. People invest their money and trust they will receive a beautiful doll well made and 'worth' their hard earned money.
    Gee..can't wait to see my FR Dasha. She is due in July? Is it possible Integrity will get the hint and clean up their act by then?
    I am sorry for the dolls you and others received in such terrible condition.

    Thank you.

  2. @Gerri: It's too late for this set of dolls. They're probably on a slow boat from China by now.

  3. Terri~ Do you really think that all of our other dolls on preorder will be fatally flawed? I am waiting on new Eugenia, Kesenia, and the Mono Bemused. Money comes hard for me, so I pray they will not disappoint. I have to choose carefully, based on promos.
    Do you have any thoughts on why there seems to be no QC? Could it be that IT thinks we will accept poor quality? I have been so shocked and disappointed in the flawed Flawless and Renegade Dasha's horrible hair. People are already selling RD, while apologizing for her hair, saying it is "factory" and NOT their fault.
    What is going on???

  4. I am SICK of buying these dolls and having to get them rerooted. My latest was Coney Island Poppy, whose original hair was just horrible. I am currently having her rerooted for $100. I think for her price point, I should have gotten a doll with decent, less cartoony hair.
    I am going to buy IT with much caution in the future, sad to say.
    I usually LOVE this company, but the new HIGH price points do not seem to justify the questionable quality.

  5. @Anonymous #1:
    I have no way to predict the quality of future dolls. I can't say I'm shocked but I am very disappointed. IT has it's highs and lows. In some areas they're very successful but often not with hairstyling. I believe they have little control over what is coming out of the factory. They want perfect dolls, I'm quite sure. Somehow, that perfection is not translating to the workers in the factory.
    There's a disconnect between design and production. They can try to put the blame on the factory but ultimately it's their fault for providing a design that the factory is incapable of reproducing.
    I don't think prayer will help. LOL

  6. Is there possibility that when let down the hair will look better? Probably it's meant to be so as to form a nice look when down? But then again, not everyone does that, not every doll is redressed or even deboxed...
    I've passed on all the released FR2 so far, but I'm expecting my Minimalist Dasha some time in summer and to tell the truth, I'm really concerned. Just don't know what hidden rock to expect...

  7. That ponytail is hedious =( We shouldn't have to restyle, boil, etc. such an expensive doll - unless we absolutelly want to (to have the style changed or so).

    I love everything else about Dasha and her outfit... I think she should have come with a clutch though (like the one from the upcoming "Engaging Elise").

  8. Looks like the Tonner Chignon gone wrong. REALLY wrong! My question- look at the details on the accessories- I mean, the shoes and such are such pistols to sew (in this scale), the hair shouldn't be a problem.

    I suspect you'll want to keep the hair, Terri- it is a lovely color. BUT- I hope the replacement head gives you a better alternative. Doll collecting is a hobby- but what if you don't want it to be a "hands on" hobby?

    This is how most of us have learned how to do doll hair over the years.

  9. I asked myself, if I could return the doll and get my money back, would I? and Im having trouble answering. I hate to admit it, but yes, Im willing to put up with yet another Inferioregrity bungle, I believe someone is asleep at the wheel, and his initials are JW

  10. How depressing. I couldn't believe the hair when I took her out of the net. I could live with her ponytail now that I fixed it. I still have to even it out, but I'm 99% sure I'm getting her rerooted to look like the promo pic. If I didn't love her body & screening, I would just sell her.

    As far as the factory hair, who on Earth thought that looked good or even to scale on a 12" doll?

  11. My Dasha's hand broke under similar conditions, all I did was try to position it. I was able to grasp the tip of the peg slightly with a large T-pin and pull it right out. (I first tried skinny tweezers but there was not enough to grasp and the "hollow" of the wrist was in the way)! I then put the replacement hand in and it's fine now.

  12. I dont get it. What is wrong with her hair? It doesnt look hideous to me. i guess i just dont get why everyone is so offended.