Progress with Ekaterina and Hand

Conditioning and trimming helped tame Ekaterina's hair. A little gel added texture and control. I am happy with her hair now.  I never loved Dreamscape's gown but it was hanging out and E needed clothes. It's too tight in the bust so I basted it closed. It is cute on her.

Pokey and Gumby snuck in there when I wasn't looking.

Re: the broken FR2 hand stem. I was wondering if the bust part of the torso could be pulled off of the rest of the body like Tonner bodies. Yes, they can.

I used a small diameter drill to open up the clog.

The next step is making the pin on the replacement hand smaller so it will fit inside properly. Stay tuned.


  1. Your pics of E are amazing! Great restyle!

  2. OMG Terri! I would have been so scared to have removed the torso on such an expensive doll! Please keep us posted!