SALE on NEW (and OLD) Fashion Sets at Tonner Direct

This week Tonner Direct is calling their groupings of items Fashion Collection Gift Sets. They are taking 20% off plus offering free shipping. The promo piece is somewhat confusing because it starts off with Tyler Boutique items but says nothing about them except that the NEW fashion sets will not show until the beginning of the sale on Wednesday, April 13th at Noon EDT. So I guess the sets below are the OLD fashion sets? I thought this sale was over.

These are the sets or some of the sets. I don't know. Go tomorrow to find out for yourself.     <-(Click)

This is called the Lord of the Rings "Starter Pack"  Is that the same as "entry level?"
12" HARRY POTTER™ and RON WEASLEY™ Collector Set
Ladies of Oz Set
13" Women of Power Set
Clash of the Titans™ Set
LOTR Set 2, Elven Set
It could be stuff like this:

I do love those black skirts.


  1. I wonder if the boutique items (like many things in this economy), aren't selling. Love everything in this year's Tonner boutique line, but until funds come in, all are on the Holy Grail list. I guess we'll see if and when everything sells out. Syd and Esme's dresses are killer- but so is the price tag- I don't spend that much on ME!!!!

    Can't he do a "Wal-Mart" version of the boutique clothes????

  2. @Steve: Years ago I used to buy almost every single boutique item. Everything has become way too expensive now. I love those black skirts. I purchased only 3 of the boutique items this year. I want them all!

  3. The "Sets" give you a discount for buying them all. When the doll sets were introduced there was a special code for an additional 20% off and free shipping (the sets only). That code was good for about a week. The new fashion sets have a special code that offers 20% off and free shipping but it is ONLY good on the new sets. I think that code will be valid for about a week as well.