"Grey Lady" Gets Her Man

The Grey Lady Gene Marshall doll was featured in a design contest held at the November, 2007 Gene Convention in Pittsburg, PA. Entrants were required to create a fashion for Gene using only shades of gray so that she would appear to be a 3D image from a black and white movie. Contestants did not see the doll until the event when they were given the doll to dress. Wayne Nilson was one of the talented designers.
Grey Lady Gene became one of the most sought after Gene dolls ever produced. Last September (2014), one sold for $2027.02 on eBay. 
Yesterday Wayne posted photos he called "Grey Lady Gets Her Man," showing both a Grey Lady Gene and Trent! 

 I asked Wayne to explain how he painted Trent. Here is his response:
Well, the most I can say about Grey Trent is that he was done using ordinary acrylic paints.  You need those, a good variety of brushes, some color sense and a steady hand.  That's really all it takes.  I only painted his head and arms up to the elbow.  No need to do any more than that because it won't show.  I did seal him with a coat of Mr. Superclear when I was finished.

He's been on the back burner for a long time.  I'm very happy to finally have him finished.  So is Gene.  She was quite lonely.
 He made it sound so easy that I might try it on a doll that isn't too important first.

Have you ever painted a doll?


  1. I would think painting a doll gray wouldn't be nearly as hard as painting it a flesh color,

    1. I think one solid color would be as easy as any other.

    2. I don't know, flesh colors have a lot more shading to them I think. It wouldn't be just one color.

    3. True. Shading would require artistry!

  2. I love seeing a doll customized to look like it really belongs with another doll! -Chris in Md

    1. He did a great job!
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I find face-ups to be monstrously difficult. I am actually pretty artistic and can draw fairly well, but the smoothness and detail needed for a small doll's face- I just don't have.