Superdoll News

Those of us on Superdoll's mailing list got this email very early this morning:

It was a departure from the norm for them to give a time that something would be posted. So much of a departure that the items weren't even up at the stated time. I have no idea when they went up as I'm not the type that sits at the computer constantly refreshing the screen. However, there are many who did. So many that the Superdoll site crashed and remains out of commission at this time.
Of course, some did get to see the offerings and two very kind collectors sent me pictures.
First is the pair of OOAK dolls:
Seriously? This photo makes them look like munchkins...not at all appealing.

The fashion:

I don't know what's up with the math at the bottom of the page so just ignore that. Edition size unknown for the fashion.

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  1. Whew... I couldn't get onto the site yesterday, but I'm not sweating missing out on that. Just not my thing. Thanks for posting it for the rest of us!