Modsdoll Aurum and Kingdom Doll Brunel

I have been playing with two of my new 16" resin dolls. And that's a good thing because I vowed to play more. Less accumulating; more playing. Seriously, it's not hard to sit in front of a computer for hours pining over dolls I don't have when all the while, I have gorgeous dolls upstairs. That's a sickness.

Aurum is growing on me. I almost sold her. She is wearing a Ficon gown and Fashion Royalty earrings.

I love Brunel!
In these photos she is wearing a Sybarite sweater and Ficon jeans which are too large in the hips. The rhinestone belt (Facets) helps to pull them in. The poodle is needle felted from an artist whose name I don't remember. I've had him a long time.  Boots - eBay.

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  1. I keep thinking about the adding to the collection versus enjoying it more, too. It is about time to step back reassess what I have, perhaps weed out a few, and do some better organization/display so that I can enjoy and play with them more. That being said...

    Aurum just arrived today, and so far I'm pleased. She has a lovely face, and her poseability (is that even a word?) is much better than some of my other resign BJDs. If they can't hold a hold up to their faces, then it seems disappointing for some reason. Aurum does that beautifully. The fact that she came with a pony tail wig (I don't have any of those), an extra set of hands, and ball dressing hands were bonuses. The bracelet and purse were nice. The coat doesn't seem very stylish to me, so that was a miss. I'm not a fan of shoes that tie, but companies seem fond of them for some reason (the thing I dislike about many Gene outfits). The dress is okay, but again I'm not a fan of paillettes/sequins. She is going to be redressed soon.

    Brunel is simply gorgeous! I'm green with envy every time I see a picture of her somewhere. :-) She has such a beautiful face, and there is an effortless elegance about her that not many dolls have. The Kingdom Dolls are truly special, and I hope to add one to my collection one day.