Today's Daily Dose of Vanessa - True Royalty

My re-rooted True Royalty Vanessa is lounging in a dress originally owned by Isha "Go North." (2011, IFDC)

For those of you who were not around for the drama in 2006 between Integrity Toys, Magma Heritage and the collectors who pre-ordered the doll, here goes.

 For approximately one year prior to her release, collectors knew that in order to get her we had to purchase Madison's (owner, Magma Heritage) calendar for $20. Essentially it was a lottery ticket to purchase this Atelier doll for $199. There were plenty of pissed off people who purchased the calendar, which was pretty nice anyway, and didn't get chosen. Several months before the "due" date of the doll, Integrity made an announcement that they were raising the price of the doll. My recollection is vague but I think it was $35. We had already made a deposit on a $199.99 doll. A few collectors balked and called foul claiming that the deposit was a contract, blah, blah. Integrity backed down but something happened between Madison and the company because after the doll was distributed, Madison was no longer a dealer and kind of disappeared from the Fashion Royalty scene.

The Singapore based store is still going strong and sells mainly Blythe and Pullip. Madison was an amazing photographer.

Here are IT's promotional photos of the Atelier doll, True Royalty.

BTW There have been only three Atelier dolls: Poesie Sans Couleur, True Royalty and A Brighter Side (Kyori.)  The presentation boxes were gorgeous tri-fold, padded exterior creations.
Those were the glory days of Fashion Royalty.


  1. Hi Terri,
    I do remember that whole thing with Madison & Integrity. Lots of drama attached to Integrity..Beautiful sets. I wanted the Kyori set so badly but never got it. Thanks again for great reviews & beautiful photos. XXOO

  2. Wow what drama! How silly of them to think they could change the price after deposits were taken, that's a breach of contract!

    Still, such a gorgeous doll... I love the outfits...