Daily Dose of Vanessa - Luxe Life

Once in a while a perfect doll comes along. Luxe Life is one of those. I have never redressed her which is quite unusual for me. She's just perfect the way she is.

LL was one of the stunning dolls from the Iconic 2009 convention. Priced at $130. then, you can't touch this doll on the secondary market for less than several hundred. There wasn't a single off-key note at that event. The Elise Jolie sculpt was introduced for one. There were two Agnes (Agnii?), a gorgeous Eugenia, a Marilyn Monroe-like Dania, a light skinned Natalia and a beautiful Avantguard 12" clone.

The 'Iconic' theme referred to Jason's prior iconic doll designs. Luxe Life was meant to honor Veronique Perrin "Lush Life." (2001-02) This doll originally sold for $60. 
Integrity Toys Promotional Photo

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  1. She is gorgeous! We don't often see dolls with bangs, and they work really well with the updo. Her face is lovely, and offers a "pale lip" that I don't mind. It might be the contrast to her hair and eyes. It just works beautifully.