Emilia Nieminen's 2012 PFDF Auction Doll

As most of you already know the Paris Fashion Doll Festival is coming up this weekend. Many doll artists contribute to the auction which is held for the benefit of REVES, a charity for hospitalized children.

Here is Emilia's description of her fabulous contribution:

I created this OOAK lingerie doll for the La Belle Epoque theme of Paris Fashion Doll Festival (PFDF) 2012. I was inspired by the decorative style of the time, Art Nouveau and by it's father Alphonse Mucha.

The doll is a customised Integrity Toys Lana from the Hollywood Royalty line. The doll has been rerooted with a fiery 3-tone Saran mix and given a complete repaint. I added super long lashes and gave them a gradient dye from black roots to titian tips. She also got a new Nu.Face body with blushing and Art Nouveau inspired snake tattoos.

The fashion consists of a burgundy tulle blouse embellished with silk ribbons; a corset made of orange vintage lace with Art Nouveau patterns, lined with yellow silk, adorned with ribbons and 8 garters with golden buckles; yellow silk panties; a pair of teal green net stockings; burgundy gradient effect shoes with hand carved Art Nouveau inspired heels; and as a cherry on the top a huge La Belle Epoque style hat of burgundy silk and tulle, adorned with teal green net strips and feathers.
 Click on the image below to go to her Flickr stream and see more images of this doll.

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  1. This doll thoroughly deserves the tag of "Stunning!" The amount of work that has gone into her is astonishing.